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The Ever Classy Chandelier


The word chandelier originated from “Chandelle” which is a French word that means “candle holder”. The word chandelier is synonymous with ornate decorative lights that hang from ceilings. Today they serve primarily as decorations in high ceiling rooms rather than an actual lighting fixture as it was originally intended to be many years ago. The ideas made in the making of chandeliers today has not changed much over the chandelier’s 500 year history even though modern technology contributed to some major changes in its construction.

Early chandeliers were used mainly in churches, abbeys and large gathering places. They are costly to make as such it is only natural that only the wealthy can afford it. The first chandeliers came into existence during the 14th century. The design was simple: two wooden beams are attached together to form a cross and then added with a spike at each end to hold the candle. Though the original chandeliers were not as ornate and intricate as today’s designs, the ideas and element of classiness were already present in the making of early chandeliers.

A Bit of History of the Chandelier

Over the course of the centuries, the materials and production techniques used in the construction of chandeliers have improved. As a result, chandeliers have become more ornate and intricate. From the original plain wood, chandelier designers experimented with metal, crystal and glass.

Thus in time, chandeliers have quickly evolved into a form of fine art. It is generally regarded by everyone as a symbol of status because of its commanding presence in large rooms and hallways, but also by their impressive design and intricacy as well.

During early 1800s, gas fuel has become the standard for lighting. This led designers to create the “gasoliers.” Though the intricate designs and lighting functions were still the same, the huge difference between gas and average candles at the time has led to the new name. During this time, many existing chandeliers were then converted to use gas as fuel instead of the normal candles. This was a trend that continued on until the invention of electricity which eventually replaced gas fuel.

In time, chandelier designs have continued to become bigger and more extravagant. In these designs, the purpose of illumination has become a secondary emphasis. However, many modern designs have returned to the more simplistic “function over form” mentality. Nevertheless, chandeliers continued to enthrall today’s rich and famous and they can always be seen in their homes as a form of centerpiece lighting art in their mansions.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

Do you want to have long, full hair without waiting for it to grow? Clip in hair extensions are a good alternative for those who want the long and full locks without waiting for hair to grow. But before you purchase the first set of hair extensions you see, there are a few things that you must consider.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

Hair extensions help you get the full and long locks you want without the trouble of growing your hair. But not all hair extensions are perfect. There are certain extensions that fit certain physical traits. It is all about choosing what type of hair extension is perfect for your facial features, kind of hair, and outfit you will be wearing. Here are some tips that can help you choose the perfect hair extensions:

  1. Before you choose which hair extension to use, decide on the look you want to have. Keep your facial features in mind when you choose a hair extension. Choose a hair extension that best suits your features to bring out the best in your looks.
  2. When you choose a hair extension, consider the texture of your hair. If you have curly hair, avoid buying a straight hair extension. Pay close attention to small details to make your hair look perfect. Consider all of your options before choosing a particular hair extension.
  3. Keep your hair color and the color of the hair extension in mind. There are different kinds of shades of black, brown, red, and blonde. Some are darker toned than others, while some are lighter in tone. Make sure the hair extension you choose matches your hair color to make it look natural. You can also choose a hair extension which is darker or lighter in tone depending on the look you want to present.
  4. Length is just as important as hair texture and color. If you are used to short hair, use a hair extension that suits your current hairstyle. Wearing long extensions will surprise other people who have seen you with short hair just a week ago. If you already have long hair, choose an extension that accentuates your long locks and physical features.
  5. Consider the occasion when you choose a hair extension. The occasion will help you determine which hair extension to purchase.

These are some tips that can help you choose which hair extension to purchase. Make sure that the shop you purchase a hair extension from is reputable. Clip in hair extensions can be purchased from Pure Hair Extensions.